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Types of Sparkies: AKA Electrician Queens

Sparky is an endearing term used by other construction tradesmen when referring to their electrician counterparts. These skilled workers are titled by their skill level and experience. Just by knowing the title sparky holds you can instantly know how much experience they have under their belts. This helps to identify the most experienced and seasoned workers who are the most skilled at electrical work of all kinds, but they do typically tend to work in one industry or another. So, the next time you need some electrical work completed and you type in a search for electricians in my area or for licensed electricians near me, you will better understand the resulting list of certified electrician workers using our simple guide.

Different Skill Levels of Sparkies

The first thing you must identify about any electrical contractor is what level of experience the electrical technician you are hiring has. To hire the best person for the job, whether that be well repair, electrical repair, or even an auto electrical service, you need to first identify their level of experience. There are three levels of titles when it comes to sparkies in the electrical field of work:

Apprentice Electricians:

When you pull up a list of a local electrician you may get a few that are labeled as an electrical apprentice. These workers have anywhere from 1 hour of electrical work up to 4000 hours of recorded electrical work under their belts. Any electrical worker who starts out studies under a more experienced worker who shows them the ropes and how to work safely while teaching them the work required to work for any electrical companies in the world. Once they understand the basics, they get a bit more intense in their training and usually choose a specialized field of work to study.

Journeyman Electricians:

Once an electrition moves up and graduates their apprenticeship program they reach the Queens journeyman electrician level. At this level, the worker understands how to safely complete work in their area of expertise and can work an entire job from start to finish all by themselves if needed. They understand how to do everything required of an electrician in their specialized field of work and general electrical work overall. It is at this point the worker can be considered to be a licensed Queens electrician and these will make up the majority of the results to an internet search for a licensed electrician near me.

Master Electrician Queens:

The final level of electrical work is the Queens master electrician. This worker understands electrical work to a level of mastery and can perform any number of electrical jobs from start to finish on their own, both inside and outside of their preferred area of expertise. They have obtained so much experience performing electrical work safely that they can do any electrical work that anyone could need to be done. It generally takes 12-20 years of full-time electrical work and studying outside of regular work hours to achieve this level of an electrician. They will have mastered every aspect of the field and have dedicated a large part of their life to electrical work and learning the trade inside and out.

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Where Electricians Work

Your local electric repair company can operate in many different categories of work. Each has its own specialized approaches and standards and they all require expertise in many different aspects of electrical work. The main areas where electrition workers do their work are defined by the type of electrician who does the work there.

These electricians operate in areas where people live. This could be anything from a home or duplex to a high rise apartment building and includes everything in between. If it is a building where people live or will live, then a Queens residential electrician would be the one working on the electrical systems inside. These electrical systems are basically all 110V systems with the occasional 220V circuit – usually for washrooms and the washer/dryers inside that require the extra electrical capacity.

These could be buildings that are old and needing updating and modernizing their inside systems, or they could be brand new construction sites that are completed before other systems or tradesmen come in to do their work. For existing buildings, the electrician could perform anything from a regular yearly inspection to check for any possible issues to an emergency electrician hired to come in and fix an immediate problem that has occurred.

These types of electricians know how to deal with customers directly most of the time. They often work inside people’s homes as people live there, so they have the added skills required to work around furniture and other belongings people may have that could get in the way. This is a totally different type of work than brand new construction where the electricians do not even have to worry about getting behind the drywall to run wiring because they are there before the drywallers have done their work and have an easier time doing their work. This type of work is much more common in the next category of work:

The licensed electricians who work in commercial work are working on new construction most of the time. While there are buildings that need upgrading, remodeling, and general repair work done, a majority of commercial electrical work is done on new buildings just being built at the time of the work completed. All kinds of electrical work are involved in this type of electrician’s training because they need to know how to do a variety of tasks on a variety of different voltages. From low voltage outlets to high voltage transfer stations within a building’s power supply and distribution. So a commercial electrician needs to know how to handle anything that they may encounter in a big commercial building like a warehouse, distribution center, office building or complex of buildings, and many other types of large structures.

Industrial Electricians:

Industrial electricians often work with assembly lines and other manufacturing type structures. They have to know how to handle the systems that supply large high-powered machines with all the electricity they need to operate efficiently. Some of these machines require some serious voltage and an industrial electrician needs to know how to safely handle these types of systems and often many of them together at once or in series.

Auto Electricians:

The final type of electrician is the auto electrician. These are just as their namesake says they are, they work on cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles. They could even work on RVs, camper trailers, and other houses on wheels type of vehicles. They typically operate on 12V systems that these types of vehicles operate under but can handle other higher voltage systems should the need arise. An auto electrical service will be able to wire a car or RV from scratch and do it safely while knowing all the pitfalls that can cause serious trouble for an owner down the line. You could simply call them a car electrician but they really do perform a wider variety of work than just that.

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